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PlaceMe supports your digital projects. His Frontend, Backend, Cloud & DevOps expertise turns an idea into a product.

The digital startup in Toulouse

Experts in the digital world, we have been putting our skills at the service of our clients since 2017.

Passionate about IT and at the cutting edge of technology, we support and transmit our know-how with an innovative approach to human resources.

Let's express together the potential of our team in order to guarantee a high level of expertise!

At PlaceMe we have made the choice to make each member of the team experts in their field. By combining all our skills, we are able to cover a wide spectrum allowing us to move very quickly from an idea to a project. Over the course of developments, we capitalize on different technical bricks. Thanks to this, your projects will be accelerated and secured.


Build a web application

We build and maintain your digital applications!

Strengthen a web team

We integrate your teams to bring you expertise!

Surround yourself with web experts

We intervene on critical points of your projects!

Training in digital technologies

We make the leaders of today the champions of tomorrow!

Integrate a digital ecosystem

We allow you to launch your projects in a suitable environment!

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Robin Coma Delperier - Consultant Frontend & DevOps

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Robin Coma Delperier - Consultant Frontend & DevOps

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